Teremana Reposado

Teremana Reposado
Teremana Distillery
Jalisco, Mexico
ABV: 40%
80 Proof

I’m trying to figure out what to get my partner some gifts for Christmas in the pandemic. An ad makes it’s way in front of me about a new tequila owned by none other than Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. She loves both of those things! This is the universe aligning and giving me a clear sign on what to get her among other things. There are two spirits I usually shy away from outside of shots or mixing, tequila and vodka. I was already a tough customer, but my partner was the real test. Based on her reaction, The Rock has some work ahead of him if he wants to break into the market.

I can appreciate mezcal because it has more nuanced taste. My big problem with tequila is that it usually is pretty one note and so I’m really just judging it on how smooth it is. I found this one to be pretty harsh. Harsh to the point where it was still noticeable even when mixing it for a margarita. So it scores pretty low in my book, especially at $40 a bottle.

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