Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style

1920 Prohibition Style Whisky
Old Forester Distillery
Louisville, Kentucky
ABV: 57.5%
115 Proof

Costco can be fantastic way to try out new spirits at a great price. I saw this bottle by Old Forester and thought sure, why not? It was $60 but it had a higher proof than normal, which I assume is what makes it prohibition style. An era where they were not standardizing alcohol because of it being illegal and all.

That extra proof really came across in this. An assault on the senses. Some people are really into that but it was a little too much for me. The smelling notes were overwhelming caramel, just really sweet and bold. It starts to prepare you for the taste you are about to experience. The flavor is really in your face rich with a heat to match it. I don’t usually make a face these days when I sip on bourbon but this one got me. I ended up adding a few drops of water to tame it a bit. I enjoyed it but probably wouldn’t get another bottle at that price.

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