Nikka Rare Old Super

Nikka Rare Old Super
Nikka Whisky Distillery
Yoichi, Japan
ABV: 43%
86 Proof

My longtime friend and coworker routinely takes trips to Japan. When he and his wife travel there, I get the opportunity to take care of their cats. On one of his trips they asked if there was anything in particular I would want as a thank you gift and they would keep an eye out. I said I’d always be up for some whiskey and so he brought back this bottle from Nikka Distilery.

The name was exciting and so were the online reviews. Unfortunately this didn’t match up with my personal tastes. It has a pleasant light caramel on the nose, but the taste is pretty forgettable and a little rough. I always noticed I had a bit of a headache the next morning when sipping on this the night before. Perhaps I just have some kind of allergy to the grains used in it. I still appreciated the thought though!

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