Plantation XO 20th Anniversary

Plantation XO 20th Anniversary
Maison Ferrand Distillery
ABV: 40%
80 Proof

My friend and office mate had this rum in our office globe bar for what seemed like years. I don’t think he is much of a rum person. When we had to start working from home, he was willing to part with it completely. After drinking it at home I understand why.

Despite a unique looking bottle, the rum is just fine. It smells almost sickeningly sweet with heavy notes of caramelized sugar and vanilla. The taste is also very sweet and smooth as a result, but not very distinguishable from other rums. I think the smell had more interesting character. It was hard to drink this by itself because of how sweet it was. I would say this would make a good mixer if it wasn’t costing around $55 dollars a bottle. At that price it is hard to recommend.

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