George Dickel Hand Selected Barrel

George Dickel Hand Selected Barrel
Cascade Hollow Distilling Co.
Tullahoma, Tennessee
ABV: 51.5%
103 Proof

Yet another bottle I picked up on recommendation when I was vacationing in Nashville. This is a single cask high proof whiskey. This was my first exposure to George Dickel in general and enjoyed it. A very prototypical whiskey. The nice tag that came on the bottle pointed out the whisky is aged 9 years and this particular barrel was hand selected for the store I got it from, the awesomely named Mr. Whiskers Discount Wine and Liquors.

The nose notes were subtle for the proof, predominately the oak wood with a little bit of caramel sweetness. The taste profile for it was predictably harsh when poured neat. It had a very peppery even flavor throughout. It left a long lingering warmth in the chest well after finishing it. I don’t usually like to cut my whiskey, but I did find with this one adding a bit of water further opened up the flavor and enhanced the drink overall. Easy recommend for the price and taste combination if you are looking for a straight forward whiskey.

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