Larceny Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Old Fitzgerald Distillery
Bardstown, Kentucky
ABV: 46%
92 Proof

This is one of my favorite midshelf bourbons. It is important to have a few favorites in this category. In my mind, to be a successful the spirit needs to smooth enough to drink by itself but can also be used to enhance a cocktail. What I like about Larceny is how unique it tastes. It is very memorable even if not everyone might like how it tastes. It reminds me of whiskey called Jailers that was discontinued years ago. That also had a unique taste profile and I was very sad when I found out I would never get to have it again. For that reason I enjoy Larceny even more.

The nose of it has a slight brown sugar smell, nothing too out of the ordinary. The taste though is very earthy and complex. At first you get that sweet caramel taste but as it stays on the tongue it develops into a mixture of notes of wood, grass and soil. That might not sound great, but I enjoy it. I like to think if you enjoy tea this might be up your alley. A bottle runs around $25 dollars so it is worth a shot. I keep coming back to it.

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