Lost Spirits Jamaica Rum

Jamaica Rum
Lost Spirits Distillery
Los Angeles, California
ABV: 49.7%
99 Proof

I discovered the Lost Spirits a few years in my home city. My partner surprised me for my birthday with a tour at night. It was a great time. Think Willy Wonka meets hard alcohol. It was so much fun we have gone many times since and invited friends along the way. The distillery uses a unique patented method of rapidly aging their spirits in just six weeks but they have the same chemical identity and taste as a 20 year old barrel aged spirit. I enjoy all of their spirits and will be reviewing each, starting with their Jamaica Rum.

Jamaican rums are are a love it or hate it style it seems. They are very bold and funky tasting. I personally love them, they are very fruity and unique. This one is no exception. Lost Spirits imports 3 different rums from Jamaica made just from molasses, water, and yeast. Once they arrive they create a blend and finish the rum in oak barrels using their process to age them as though they were 20 years old.

The rum has a strong smell of ripe tropical fruit and brown sugar. It has a very funky and complex flavor with strong notes of banana. Every sip you can taste something a little different. I enjoy this rum as an after dinner desert drink. If you can find a bottle at around 40 dollars, I recommend trying it.

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