Heaven’s Door Tennessee Bourbon

Heaven’s Door Tennessee Bourbon
Heaven’s Door Spirits
Columbia, Tennessee
ABV: 45%
90 Proof

I picked this up on recommendation while visiting Nashville for a sports filled weekend. Before heading back to California I made sure to stop by a local liquor store and pick up as many Tennessee regional spirits that could fit in my suitcase. A lot of my selections ended up getting distributed locally here in California over the last 2 years which is great since I enjoyed a lot of them.

Heaven’s Door immediately grabs your attention with its unique bottle design. It looks like it has been filled up with discarded machine work parts that form a doorway with a crow sitting proud in the middle. I found out that Bob Dylan owns the distillery and according to the website the image is based on one of his iron works created in his studio Black Buffalo Ironworks. It’s a nice fusion of his hobbies.

The label on the bottle describes the bourbon as “smooth and lasting with notes of baking spices and vanilla layered over a bed of toasted oak”. It is aged at a minimum of 6 1/2 years. It doesn’t mention if it is a single cask so I assume it is a blend.

When smelling the bourbon I think it matches up with the description. It has a nice subtle vanilla caramel nose. The taste hits you up front with a peppery note but quickly tapers and is very smooth overall. The overall flavor isn’t very complex, but is enjoyable. A bottle runs on the more expensive side, about 45 dollars. I prefer something like Angel’s Envy at the same price range but I wouldn’t turn this down.

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