Monkey 47

Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin
Black Forest Distillers
Loßburg, Germany
ABV: 47%
94 Proof

My good friend was kind enough to gift this to me for my birthday in 2020. He also gave me a nice comprehensive book of gin cocktails which I’ve have referenced several times the past 2 years. The back of the bottle goes into what makes this gin stand apart from others.

Admittedly, it appears somewhat eccentric to claim that a recipe of Gin has the power to unite great British traditions, the exoticness of India, and the purity and nativeness of the Black Forest. And yet it is precisely this eccentricity that defines the enigmatic and venturesome character of Montgomery Collins, from whom our Schwarzwald Dry Gin originates. MONKEY 47 – Distilled from 47 predominantly unusual botanicals such as lingonberries and blended with natural spring water. Cheers!

47 ingredients is a lot! I was mainly smelling a pleasant pine aroma brought from the juniper berries along with an ambiguous botanical aroma. Drinking it neat, the gin has a sweet and smooth taste, doubling down with the juniper berry flavor. I found it could be used to elevate a cocktail like a Martini or enjoyed by itself depending on the mood. Not my favorite but at around $30 dollars, I would recommend it.

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