Blush Small Batch Rhubarb Gin
1919 Distillery
Auckland, New Zealand
ABV: 37.5%
75 Proof

Last year I was lucky to be able to travel to New Zealand and travel throughout both islands of the beautiful country. I enjoyed lots of delicious wine along the way, but was looking for some local spirits. I visited a liquor store on one of my last days there to do some investigation. When I asked the clerk naively what the country was known for, he informed me that they mostly do gin. I love gin so that worked out. After doing a quick google top 10 list, I picked 2 bottles out.

The first is called Blush and is a small batch rhubarb gin which I had never heard of. It immediately stands out because it is bright pink, presumably from the rhubarb. The brief description on the bottle states “Rhubarb infused premium gin, we think it’s a bloody good combination.” and they aren’t wrong.

The rhubarb really adds a nice sweetness to the gin both in smell and taste. I would call it dangerously smooth throughout. It makes it a bit too sweet to enjoy by itself but it makes for an exceptional cocktail, especially with that vibrant pink color. It’s worth having on the shelf just for that reason alone. It was reasonably priced as well at around 40 US dollars. It doesn’t look like it is distributed outside of the country but is worth looking for while visiting.

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