Old Particular Jura 12 Year

Old Particular Jura 12 Year
Jura Distillary
Craighouse, Isle of Jura
ABV: 48.4%
96.8 Proof

After determining in Scotland that I enjoyed scotch by Jura, I sought out more rare bottles while in the country. At one of the liquor stores in Edinburgh, the man behind the counter recommended this bottle in the Old Particular series that used Jura. I nodded slowly and bought it, not really understanding what I was getting.

Once back in California I did a little reading about it. The website can be found here. From my understanding Douglas Laing, a very old and wise master blender, has been taking select batches of scotch across the country and ages it in special single casks to a specific maturity for each batch to reach the best taste. Awesome!

The scotch has a pleasant, subtly sweet nose. I thought it smelled like honey. It’s taste was incredibly complex though and nothing like the smell. It starts out very smooth and quickly builds up to an extremely peaty and strong flavor. What was fascinating was that every sip built up to a different flavor for me which I could never determine what I was tasting. It was always good and unique though.

This was an expensive bottle at around 100 US dollars and only available in the UK but if you can still find it I would say it is worth the cost.

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