For most of my comic collecting life I stored my comics in standard long boxes with lids. I imagine that is what most people do, either long or short boxes, and it was pretty terrible. Over time I had reached about 8 in my childhood and stored them in my parent’s garage. Because of their weight and difficulty accessing them I would rarely go out and appreciate my collection. After college the hobby became even more unwieldy and by the time I was 30 I had about 12 long boxes that were a complete eye sore in the living room of my apartment.

Thing finally changed for the better when I was listening to a podcast called Comic Geek Speak. It’s a great knowledgeable group of comic lovers who do several types of content coverage. My favorite is when they do spotlight runs on a specific character – it’s like a rapid fire complete history run through. I would recommend checking them out. One of their primary sponsors though was The Collection Drawer Company. They would describe this patented drawer box system where the boxes could stack easily and lock together. I decided it was time to make the change and I never looked back.

My goal was to make my collection as accessible to me as possible. It was frustrating how much work it took just to file new books away let along go and find old runs. So I made the decision to move to short boxes instead of long. This allows me to comfortably hold and move the box. It also insures that it can never get too heavy due to the size limitation. Initially I purchased just a single set of short drawers to see how they felt. I ended up loving them so I slowly converted my entire collection over. As the rows grew higher and longer stability did become a slight issue. I ended up getting the BoxLox so that all drawers in the same row connect to each other and help stabilize.

Being a bit of a perfectionist, I also got the BoxSort rails which made the books fit more snug and allowed me to create dividers in certain boxes so that comics would never start falling or bend (a problem I had with long boxes). I would recommend both of these additions, they aren’t that much more and make a big difference.

Here is my current collection using 4 rows of 8 short drawer boxes, all locked together. I can fully get to my collection in less than 5 minutes.

A nice side effect of the drawers is that it gives me a sense of limitation. Having seen myself in the past continue to pick up more and more series, I placed an artificial limit once I had the new setup. If I’m going to get something new, something else has to go. I don’t plan on ever going past the 32 boxes I have. So I end up doing overhauls about every 6 months to “prune” the collection.

Being so happy with the product, I also got 4 Magazine/CGC boxes to hold my more valuable CGC books in my closet. I also opted for the BoxLox and BoxSort Rails for these drawer boxes. The company has also been accommodating with custom shipping costs when I had to add specific quantities to expand. I know that other companies like BCW have gone on to imitate The Collection Draw Co. style, but I never felt the need to try them out. I can’t speak to the quality of the competitors. These are definitely worth checking out if you want a great way to store your books and also be able to easily reach them. Everything I’ve bought from them is on this page.

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