Heaven Hill Select Stock 2017

Heaven Hill Select Stock 2017
Heaven Hill Distillery
Bardstown, KY
ABV: 55%
110 Proof

I purchased this bottle with a few others at the end of my tour at Heaven Hill. I wouldn’t have noticed it if the man in front of me in line didn’t point it out and recommend it. It was on the more expensive side, around 80 dollars, but it was a limited run and I was in bourbon country so why not?

From what I could gather online, the Select Stock series tries something pretty different each year. This batch which was for 2017 was aged 4 years and then moved to a new charred oak barrel for an additional 2 years.

You can definitely taste the charred oak up front but that’s about it. The taste was very one note which was surprising considering the cost and that Heaven Hill is one of my favorite distilleries. It was really the only bourbon I bought in Kentucky that I found disappointing. I doubt I could ever get another bottle anyway so it works out.

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